4 Situations When Tax Returns Software Isn't Appropriate for You

Many vendors now provide tax preparation software which ordinary people can use to prepare their tax returns. Several factors can determine whether it is advisable for you to use such software or not. This article discusses some situations in which you would be better off hiring a professional to prepare your tax returns.

You Face a Complex Tax Situation

People with complex tax situations, such as those who have multiple investments and qualify for several tax deductions, may be better served by a professional instead of trying to use tax preparation software. It may be hard for you to input the correct information into the software if you don't have few income sources and few deductions. A professional can address each of the issues objectively before deciding how to capture that information in your tax return.

You Aren't Familiar with Tax Law

Tax laws can change so quickly that ordinary people may not be able to keep up with the implications of each change made. It may, therefore, be hard for you to use the tax preparation software correctly if you aren't familiar with the tax system in your area. Professionals make sure that they understand the tax laws fully. Those experts will be in a position to prepare your tax return accurately within a short time.

You Want to Avoid Risks

The suitability of tax preparation software also depends on your level of risk tolerance. People who want to avoid taking risks should hire a professional to prepare their tax returns. This is because preparing your own returns using software exposes you to the risk of making a mistake due to several factors, such as your limited grasp of the accounting language which is used by the software. Those mistakes can result in serious consequences, such as tax audits and fines or even imprisonment.

You Prefer Personal Service

Vendors of tax preparation software offer varying levels of client support. For example, you can contact them by phone in case you have a query. However, the ease with which you will receive that support depends on how much has been invested into making the company accessible. For example, you may not reach a vendor who is in a different time zone if that vendor didn't consider 24/7 phone availability as vital for serving clients in various time zones. However, it can be easier for you to obtain personal service if you hire a professional because one or more meetings usually take place with that individual during the tax return preparation process. Select the option which promises you the level of personal service which you desire.